Vision & Mission


Inspiring and building a healthy living.


  • To prepare academically and professionally young Indians for the health needs of India.
  • To render service, especially in the domains of preventive, curative, primitive and rehabilitative health.


  • To enable the nurses to receive high quality, safe, professionally- and ethically-based health care.
  • To conduct operational/action based research directed to the health needs of society, which is instrumental in rendering community service and education.


Candidates successfully completing the ANM program will be able to help:

  • Demonstrate awareness, skills required in the Nursing process in the provision of health care and nursing of patients.
  • To assess the nursing needs of individual, families and communities throughout life i.e. from birth till death.
  • To plan appropriate action to meet their needs through competent safe nursing care.
  • Take appropriate action to help people retain or sustain their best possible level of health in all as…